Jaguar Landrover service tool

    • Jaguar Land Rover Approved device
    • Operates standalone with special applications. E.g. SIR, EPBR DPFDR, etc. For the full list see below
    • Also allows connection to the vehicle using JLR SDD diagnostic software via J2534
    • Covers CAN and ISO9141 vehicle networks
    • 1 metre USB Cable and rubber case cover included as standard
    • Easy to update for new vehicle and model years via PC (PC application and cable included)
    • Free to update for new vehicles and model years via laptop/PC application over USB

What does the DA-ST512 do?

The DA-ST512 connects directly to the vehicle OBDII diagnostic connector, powers from the vehicle and is then ready to use. The DA-ST512 can perform a vast number of applications, a selection of which is provided in the previous table. The full list of available applications to purchase is on the Applications page.

The DA-ST512 can also be used as a SDD VCI device where it connects directly to the vehicle OBDII diagnostic connector, it then connects to the laptop via a USB cable for use with SDD. Once the J2534 DLL files are loaded, this product will allow normal operation with JLR SDD diagnostic software.  All protocol communication are possible with this device.

How does the DA-ST512 operate?

General Application

On first use, register the device to unlock it.  This requires the download of the PC DA App Hub application on the Download page. The PC software will allow updates to current applications to the latest level.  The PC software will also allow new applications to be purchased and downloaded.  The PC software will allow applications to be trialled for a limited number of operations to allow the user to try the application before purchasing.

J2534 VCI Application

Download the latest J2534 DLL software files from the Download page and install on the SDD laptop.  Connect the device to the vehicle OBDII connector.  Connect the USB cable to the DA-ST512 and the SDD laptop.  Select the J2534 VCI application on the screen.  During communication with the vehicle the screen will display the message “connected” along with the vehicle battery voltage.

How does the DA-ST512 get free updates for future Software Updates?

The DA-ST512 can be updated for free simply and easily by connecting the DA-ST512 to an internet connected laptop/PC via the USB cable that is provided with each DA-ST512.

The PC software update application is available to download from the Diagnostic Associates website Downloads page.  This application identifies what version of software is on the device for each of the purchased applications, and connects over the internet to determine whether a new version is available for update.  The device will then be automatically updated and ready to be used on the vehicle in a matter of minutes.

Applications can be trialled for free using the DA App Hub, for a limited number of uses before the application then needs to be purchased – This is our try before you buy service.

For Jaguar Land Rover franchised retailers the DA-ST512 collects feedback session data from the vehicles you connect to.  This data is sent back to Jaguar Land Rover when you connect to the App Hub software.  To ensure the data is sent back regularly after 50 vehicles the DA-ST512 prompts you to connect to the App Hub software.