Mini Buses

Our 16 passenger seat mini buses are suitable for weddings, airport runs, golf outings,tours and excursions. A luggage trailer can be provided. Please call us for a quote!
We also run local Service 45 and 46 serving Madderty, Fowlis Wester, Cultoquhey and Crieff every Tuesday Wednesday and Friday.

Bus running advice
Logiealmond feederNOT Running
Logiealmond PrimaryNOT Running
Glenalmond-MethvenNOT Running
Service 45 and 46We would like to advise passengers that as from Monday 30th March until further notice, that there will be no service 45 or 46 from Burnbrae Garage. If they are a key worker or require essential travel that they have no other way of obtaining, then they should contact the Council’s Customer Service line on 01738 475000